Our team is made up of a diverse group of people with deep experience in the cannabis industry and the payments industry. This has been critical in building trust and providing insights into specific challenges facing the cannabis industry.  We at Solvent were uniquely positioned to build product solutions to meet those specific challenges.  These innovative products have proven to be just what the industry needs, just when they need it.


Our Team



Solvent is building the healthiest, most compliant, merchant network in the nation.  We are starting where the need is most critical, the cannabis industry.  We are dedicated to growing a customer-centric company based in beautiful Durango, CO.


Our world is governed by information more and more each day and Solvent will continue growing and innovating to meet fintech, and compliance needs around the world. 

Featured Partner

Our relationship with Datacap Systems, Inc. goes back to even before Solvent was founded.  Through trust, loyalty, and cooperation we have been able to build upon our past partnership to benefit Solvent and our customers. 


Datacap builds industry-standard payment solutions for POS providers to meet the needs of merchants in any market.  Security-centric solutions for virtually all processing platforms route through dozens of pre-certified devices from leading OEMs - all via a universal integration, empowering merchants to create a unified payments experience across brick & mortar, online, mobile and unattended applications.